The Lighthouse is a non-traditional learning center - we help students develop skills to meet their goals and become independent learners. We believe that we are partners with parents in their child's educational, social, and emotional development. We provide opportunities for students to pursue independent study and encourage parents to monitor and participate in their child's education. Additionally we request that the parents work proactively with instructors to guide their children toward success.

We currently offer 5th through 12th grade programs.

We do not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, or ethnic origin. We regret however, that we are unable to serve children with moderate to severe intellectual, developmental, and emotional/behavioral needs. Our program is not suitable for students who are oppositional, defiant, or refuse to do work.

Please contact Missy Martinez ( for an information packet and to schedule a visit.

Admission Procedure

  • Complete the application form
  • Submit copies of psychological or evaluation of a diagnosed condition that is impacting the student's learning ; or provide referral information regarding students' diverse needs from a professional; or recommendation of smaller environment or individualized instruction to meet student needs .
  • Schedule a personal interview
  • The admissions team will review the information and determine if the program can meet the specific learning needs of the student