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The Lighthouse is a beacon of hope for students, grades five through twelve, with diverse abilities and learning styles who would benefit from a smaller teacher to pupil ratio, more effective instructional techniques, and individualized programs to match each student's current abilities and learning potential.

At The Lighthouse students with potential and skills, who face daily frustration and challenge, can have an educational home.

Our mission is to pave the way for a fulfilling future by providing a customized learning program focusing on individual needs, learning styles, and goals. We strive to provide a learning environment where children are excited to learn, and feel capable and empowered.

Our focus is to bridge gaps by strengthening learning as well as academic weaknesses. We help students develop winning strategies for learning as well as their personal lives.

The result is children who are prepared for reaching their full potential as skilled, resilient, individuals, equipped for their future.

This may be the turning point in your child's educational, social, and emotional growth.

The Lighthouse is ideal for:

  • Diverse learners whose focus is strengthening learning weaknesses in order to succeed academically.
  • Students needing more effective teaching methods in a smaller learning environment.
  • Students with language-based disabilities, reading and writing weaknesses, learning disabilities, ADD, and other diagnoses.
  • Students who are not thriving in their current setting because of their unique learning needs.

The Lighthouse strives to build personal relationships with students and their families; we are dedicated to leading students toward personal and learning success. We provide a nurturing, supportive environment with high expectations for student achievement and opportunities for students to see themselves as capable learners. The result is individuals who have skills and feel competent. We also recognize the importance of helping support the social and developmental needs of each student as part of our academic program.

The Lighthouse Program is academic and learning focused - not community-based or therapeutic. It is successful for diverse learners whose focus is strengthening learning weaknesses in order to succeed academically.

Our class size averages 6-8 students with a degreed, experienced instructor. Our classroom and school environment is structured yet flexible.

Programs Offered
5th Grade preparatory program
Middle School Program
High School Program

The overall instructional program of The Lighthouse is designed to meet the needs, abilities, and interests of students. We provide specialized instruction in the areas each child needs most. We provide a quality curriculum of literature, grammar, composition, math, science with labs, social studies, and electives including foreign language, art, physical education, weight training, keyboarding, computer technology, SAT, music, work programs/internships, performance reading and writing, as well as independant study and correspondence coursework. We are excited to offer competitive sports for the 2006-07 school year in long distance running, and basketball. In addition, The Lighthouse is committed to providing an appropriate curriculum for students with disabilities to achieve academic credit. The Program's goal and commitment is to help build learning skills within a challenging yet attainable academic curriculum so students can succeed - now and in the future.

The Day Program offers an accredited academic curriculum with differentiated and specialized instruction in language, reading, writing, and math to students who have gaps or related learning weaknesses.

Georgia Performance Standards are followed in addition to customized instructional plans to meet individual needs. All curriculum materials are approved by the Georgia Department of Education and/or are accredited nationally.

The Lighthouse uses research-based and creative teaching methods. Teachers are degreed and experienced, and are dedicated to student achievement. We provide a structured yet flexible learning environment with specialized instruction in the areas each child needs most.

Our program offers instructional methods, curriculums and technology that are researched and proven to meet the needs of both the traditional and non-traditional learner.

The day school runs from 9:00am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday. The Program also offers separate private tutoring beginning at 4pm daily.

We observe Fayette County student holidays.

Program Highlights and Services

  • Research-based and innovative instructional methods
  • Qualified, experienced, and creative teachers with a proven track record of student achievement
  • Specialized instruction in reading, writing, comprehension,math, and reasoning.
  • Extra-curricular clubs, sports, and social activities.
  • Computer lab
  • Science labs
  • Achievement testing
  • Referrals
  • Phonological awareness and fluency training
  • Learning strategies and academic/organization coaching
  • private tutoring
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